Baron and Ellin 戈登艺术画廊


Fall 2023 Senior Exhibition: Preservation

12月1日. 1 - 16
开幕酒会:11月. 下午6点30分.m.

的 Baron and Ellin 戈登艺术画廊 are pleased to present Preservation, a two-person exhibition by Rayven Harris and Laura Koffman, graduating seniors from the ODU Art Department.

这次展览将包括科夫曼的一件由版画组成的装置作品,以纪念一位因警察疏忽而死亡的她不认识的人. Harris’ work focuses on more personal connection to her deceased father. 两位艺术家的装置作品都是对死亡的探索,同时也保留了对逝者的记忆.

瑞文·哈里斯1998年出生于弗吉尼亚州的彼得堡,在切斯特菲尔德地区长大. She is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on photography. Her work concentrates on how 记忆 can be preserved through 照片. 她将从bet8体育娱乐入口毕业,获得摄影专业的文学学士学位,然后打算从事艺术治疗方面的职业. She currently lives and works in Norfolk, Virginia.

Laura Koffman was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1992. 在弗吉尼亚海滩长大, 她是一位多学科的艺术家,预计将于2023年12月完成她的艺术硕士学位,重点是版画. Her prints are informed by systems of power who negatively impact society, in an attempt to combat or counteract collective forgetting. 她是2023年洛林·芬克奖学金的获得者,以纪念肯·戴利. Koffman plans to pursue an MFA with hopes of becoming an art professor. She currently lives and works in Norfolk, Virginia.

爸爸hanaumoku: A Panoply of New Island 文化s
Works by Solomon Robert Nui Enos

September 15 – December 16, 2023
Opening reception: September 14, 6 – 8 p.m.

所罗门·罗伯特·努伊·伊诺斯是夏威夷土著艺术家、插画家和梦想家. Born and raised in Makaha Valley (O‘ahu, 夏威夷), 他来自著名的埃诺斯奥哈纳,从事艺术创作已有30多年了. 爸爸hanaumoku references one of the foundational mo‘olelo or stories, 讲述母亲的故事, 爸爸, 谁创造了这些岛屿, from Hawai‘i island to Kaua‘i and beyond. 为本次展览创作的作品提供了岛屿居民的概念延续, as the effects of climate change reshape our planet’s land masses, 生态系统, 和社会.


2月. 2023年5月6日

Sam Bartlett: Low Stakes, Plywood Cutouts & 每天的漫画

开幕酒会:2月. 2, 6 - 8 p.m.

Sam Bartlett is an American folk artist, 公共艺术煽动者, 漫画家, 表演者, 音乐家, 和作曲家. 

作为一名艺术家,Sam擅长用回收的木材绘画和雕刻. 他从使用免费材料的自然低风险中获得灵感. 

Sam does virtually no planning or sketching for his artwork, preferring to try to harness the energy of a first take. 他作品的共同主题包括人与人之间复杂的身体关系, things on top of other things, things being bitten and eaten, old-time and Irish music communities, 和死亡率. 他深受艺术家彼得·舒曼、霍华德·芬斯特和古斯塔夫·维格兰的影响.

2023 Juried Student Exhibition
3月. 4月3 - 4月. 8

开幕酒会:三月. 2, 6 - 8 p.m.

“在ODU艺术学生的这次展览中,我们可以看到他们对材料的关注, a sensitivity towards ecology, complex emotional registers. 的se works spin thread lines that tie to one another, engaging ideas of the self, 环境, 记忆, 大宗商品, 共同的焦虑, 和渴望. 这项工作是通过独特的视角向外看更广阔的世界. Through this extreme interiority, we can see a sort of 'entangled precarity.这个短语是由人类学家Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing创造的,它解释了“纠缠在一起的生活方式的开放式组合”, 我们人类在很多方面都生活在彼此之间以及与非人类物种之间的脆弱之中. 我们周围到处都是混乱, evidenced by the extreme changes of climate, 动物灭绝, further spurned on by free-market capitalism. 尽管存在这些不确定性,但我们发现的不是脆弱,而是自我主张. 的re is power in being vulnerable with each other. 我们可以连接并创建我们自己的网络和支持网络,就像这些艺术家所做的那样. 的se works seem to converse amongst themselves. In what ways do they speak to you?"

- Juror's statement by Chelsea Pierce, McKinnon Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, 克莱斯勒艺术博物馆




Gordon can move around the space, raise and lower height, zoom in on art. 远程司机可以与画廊的工作人员进行实时互动,也可以邀请朋友, 的同事们, students to join their visit.

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Proceeds support arts programming and educational opportunities at ODU.



穆罕默德·安西,2016,《bet8体育娱乐入口》,纸上丙烯. 8.5 x 11英寸

1月. 2022年5月21日- 7日


RESCHEDULED Opening Reception 1月. 27, 6 - 8 p.m.

被称为Guantánamo Bay的美国军事战俘营的囚犯从他们到达的那一刻起就开始创作艺术. 的 艺术来自Guantánamo湾 exhibition features 101 of these evocative works, made by men held without trial, some for more than 15 years. 这六位艺术家包括现任(Moath Al Alwi和Ahmed Rabbani)和前任(Muhammad Ansi), Abdualmalik (Alrahabi) Abud, Sabri Al Qurashi, Mansoor Adayfi)被拘留者, none of whom have been charged with committing a crime.

展览中的大部分作品都是由被拘留者的律师在经历了艰难的搜索过程后,从Guantánamo上获得的, 扫描, analysis for hidden messages by Guantánamo officials. A stamp reading "Approved by US Forces" signals that a work has been cleared, the stamp's ink often bleeds through to the image on the other side, creating a ghostly mix of art and authority.

艺术来自Guantánamo湾 包括素描、油画和雕塑,这些都是用少数允许被拘留者使用的材料制作的, including model ships made from shirt scraps, 祈祷帽, 剃须刀, 和拖把. 正如前囚犯曼苏尔·阿达菲(Mansoor Adayfi)在他的《bet8九州登录入口》(New York Times)文章《bet8体育娱乐入口》中所解释的那样," the sea "means freedom that no one can control or own, 人人享有自由." Although detainees were held close to the sea, tarps blocked their view until they were removed for four days in 2014 in anticipation of a hurricane; after that, Adayfi回忆, "all of those who could draw made 图纸 about the sea."

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DesignHer: Works by Contemporary 女性 Graphic Designers

8月. 11月30日. 12, 2022

DesignHer: Works by Contemporary 女性 Graphic Designers

11月闭幕酒会. 10, 6 - 8 p.m.

DesignHer是一个关注女性从业者的当代平面设计展览. 强调女性如何站在定义和挑战设计概念的最前沿, 这次展览展示了设计在我们文化中的各种用途,以及促使其使用的动机. 参加者从建立声誉的年轻艺术家到该学科的国际知名领导者, works range from individually crafted objects to mass media campaigns.


4月. 2022年5月28日- 7日


开幕酒会4月. 28, 6 - 8 p.m.

的 Baron and Ellin Gordon Galleries present 最佳使用对象, bet8体育娱乐入口美术专业学士学位2022年春季毕业班的作品展.

A work of art can last forever, yet every exhibition has an expiration date. As our time at ODU comes to an end, we are conscious of time passing, can sometimes feel like items on a shelf. An expiration date is a reminder of our finiteness. 我们的媒体种类繁多, 包括绘画, 照片, 图纸, screen/ relief prints explores themes of nostalgia, 个人发展, the experience of life itself. 在我们开始新的篇章之际,我们鼓励观众庆祝这一转变.


  • Mylahn帕森斯
  • 埃里克•史密斯
  • 罗杰·埃文斯
  • 恩典McCrery
  • 冬青城堡
  • 艾米丽·瓦萨尔
  • 谢丽尔Cushing-Oman
  • 加贝巴内特
  • Shemeka丹尼尔斯
  • 彰巴恩斯
  • 多明尼克贝拉米
  • 杰达威尔逊

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从陪审员那里获得洞察力 卡尔·弗洛伊德·麦德利三世 和2021年受伤学生展览的学生们一起深入了解这场展览! Congratulations to students Lyn Dowling ('21), 安德烈·雅各布斯(Andre Jacobs)(21年), 还有Korrine Maher(21届),她的作品被ODU校长和第一夫人从受伤学生展览中挑选出来,在2021-2022学年在雅各布森总统官邸展出!

About the Baron and Ellin 戈登艺术画廊

巴伦和埃林戈登艺术画廊展出的作品由国内和国际公认的自学成才的艺术家, contemporary artists working in all media, local and regional artists connected with bet8体育娱乐入口.